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Strategic Planning

Strategy is "the planning and conduct of the long-term objectives."

"Strategies require thought; tactics require observation."

We want to delve into the thought process of asset protection "Grand Masters." How do they think? How do they develop a strategy? Why do they choose one legal tool or technique rather than another? How do they integrate several legal tools into a plan?

On the Grand Master level, you no longer spend your entire time using isolated protection tools and reacting to perceived threats; instead you become proactive. You think through a concerns, set a goal, and put the required strategy into place. Our experienced Texas asset protection attorney can help formulate a strategy that's tailored to your specific needs if you live in Houston, Dallas, Austin or anywhere in Texas.

In order to understand strategy, you should already:

     Be familiar with the laws concerning fraudulent transfers, and understand how to create a financial affidavit.

     Know the basic asset protection tools, such as:

  • Family law (appropriately titling assets, and marital agreements)
  • Family partnerships, corporations and LLCs (avoiding piercing of veil)
  • Spendthrift and other protective trusts (discretionary and shifting trusts, self-settled vs. non-self-settled trusts)
  • International trusts and techniques

However, technical proficiency by itself is not sufficient. It is critical thinking that allows one to process the information that gives the technical information its value.

Our asset protection strategy will include:

  •       The Visual Planning Philosophy
  •       Shields, Screens, and Other Liability-Absorbing Tools
  •       The Accumulation Theory
  •       Funding


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